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Oil and Gas equipment

The Oil and Gas sector requires highly reliable equipment which can work for long durations in adverse environmental conditions like exposure to high humidity, high temperatures, salt laden air and remote working locations where maintenance support is limited.

Resistors used in such equipment have to meet stringent requirements which can degrade even well designed products for normal industrial use.

We have years of experience in selecting the right materials, coatings, production processes to provide highly reliable resistors which can be used in welders, drives and instrumentation used in this sector.

Highly reliable glass enamel coated resistors can be incredibly long lasting in Inrush Current reduction while charging large capacitors used in the welders.

Cement resistors specially designed to pass long duration salt spray testing can enhance the life of PCBs in welding control circuits.

Talk to us about your resistor requirements for equipment used in this sector and we will have solutions for you.